A recent study, inspired by the Netflix show Baby Reindeer, looks at which states are most at risk for harboring an unhealthy obsession with their ex.

The Netflix TV show Baby Reindeer is a true story that centres on struggling comedian Donny Dunn’s (Richard Gadd) troubled relationship with Martha, whose behaviour unravels into an unhealthy obsession as she begins to stalk Donny.

The series struck a chord with fans, prompting 44,000 Google searches in the US for the keywords ‘Baby Reindeer real Martha’ - and 113,000 searches worldwide.

Some states show signs of being unhealthily obsessed with a previous partner than others – with the most at-risk state Vermont, with 19.4 monthly obsession-related searches per 100k residents – 75% above the national average (11.1).

The findings are based on Google searches.

Some of the terms analyzed include: ‘how to get your ex back’, ‘I can’t live without my ex’, ‘how can I spy on my ex’, ‘why can’t I get over my ex’, and ‘should I contact my ex’.

Ranking second on the chart is Wyoming, with the top term in the state coming out as ‘how to get an ex back’.

On the other end of the scale is Arkansas, which was 25% below the national average.

The study was paid for by a mental health and addiction treatment center in Arizona. One of their experts commented:

“Difficulty managing emotions, unhealthy coping skills, and harmful behaviours are all critical signs that additional support may be needed. There is no shame in seeking help – it is an essential step in regaining control of life."

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