Congresswoman Liz Cheney has had her share of supporters and detractors in recent weeks, as she is torn between her condemnation of the actions (or non-actions) of President Trump and her resistance of the Biden Administration’s decision to issue a moratorium on leasing and drilling on federal lands.

Cheney, for better or worse, has remained steadfast in both of her positions. She was one of the House Republicans that voted to impeach President Trump, while also drafting legislation seeking to bar the federal government from issuing moratoriums on federal oil, natural gas and coal leasing on federal lands unless a joint resolution is approved and enacted by congress.

While Cheney has her share of vocal detractors, she does have support from various communities and industries in Wyoming. One of those industries is the Wyoming Mining Association.

Per their website, “The Wyoming Mining Association is a statewide trade organization that represents and advocates for 28 mining company members producing bentonite, coal, trona (natural soda and ash) and uranium. WMA also represents 120 associate member companies, one railroad, two electricity co-ops, and 200 individual members.”

WMA put out a statement on Thursday offering their support of Cheney.

“Representative Liz Cheney has been a consistent and committed advocate for the fossil fuel industry in Wyoming.  Time and again, she has stood with the Wyoming Mining Association in support of our industry's interests and legislative priorities.

With a new administration taking office that is hostile toward our industry, it's more crucial than ever to have someone of Rep. Cheney’s ability and caliber fighting for us in the House of Representatives. She has proven she is valuable to Wyoming's miners. She has proven she can overcome challenging legislative hurdles to deliver.

For the Wyoming miners and all who rely on the industry, Liz Cheney is the best representative for us in Washington.  She has our full support today and moving forward.”

For more information about WMA, visit their website or call Travis Deti, the Executive Director, at 307-635-0331.

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