An email to Townsquare Media Friday morning warns that thousands of $100 counterfeit bills were dumped in Billings and could be making their way elsewhere.

The bills all have the same Serial Number: LF11395129C. It was reported that the bills look real, but they feel fake.

Be on the lookout for these bills!

Horse Palace Ribbon Cutting October 2023

Gallery Credit: Kolby Fedore, TSM

Historic Victorian Mansions Around the U.S.

Most people either love them or hate them. To some, they evoke the charming, cute house from Disney's Lady & the Tramp. To others, they're creepy and haunted. But what makes this style stand out from others? Popularized during Queen Victoria's long reign (1837 to 1901), everything from fashion to furniture was influenced by rapid industrialization and urbanization. Victorians were a flex for middle and upper class families to flaunt their wealth.

Gallery Credit: Kolby Fedore

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