The Wyoming Highway Patrol is reminding motorists that if a road is closed, that means don't drive on them.

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The WHP posted a photo to Facebook on Thursday, showing the current conditions of Wyoming 213.

"Wyoming 213 still has horrible conditions and is currently closed," the Wyoming Highway Patrol wrote. "Even though the road is closed, the patrol is still experiencing motorists who continue to travel on it. This is creating many slide-offs and crashes on this roadway. Please remember when a road is closed, it is for your safety."

In other words, if a highway is closed, it's probably for good reason. And the road closures don't apply to everybody but you. They're closed to you, too and it's because the Wyoming Highway Patrol and the Wyoming Department of Transportation want you to be safe.

Wyoming 213 is between I-80 and US 85 is closed, as are WY 215 and WY 216. The estimated opening time, as of 3:00pm, is six to eight hours. Additionally, WYDOT is reminding motorists that parking on the roadway is prohibited, and it delays WYDOT from opening the roads.

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