Looking outside, it's easy to tell that we're in the midst of a wild Wyoming winter storm. Many Wyomingites get to stay indoors during this storm, but police officers, troopers, and first responders must brave the elements to perform their jobs.

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The Wyoming Highway Patrol is one of these agencies.

Early this morning, at about 1:00 a.m., a WHP trooper took a photo of their patrol car which was absolutely buried in snow.

"Photo and video taken at 1:00 a.m. on February 22, 2023 on I-80 near Arlington, Wyoming, near mile marker 254," a post on the Wyoming Highway Patrol Facebook states. "Interstate 80 is closed due to winter weather conditions. Abiding by the road closures will ensure the safety of yourself and first responders."

Speaking of safety, this post came just one day after the Wyoming Highway Patrol posted a video of one of their troopers narrowly avoiding tragedy when a semi almost crashed into them.

The WHP pleaded with drivers to pay attention, to slow down, and to make sure that they're respecting the elements.

Several highways are closed due to the weather, including I-80, I-25, I-90 and more. For a complete list of road closures, visit the Wyoming Department of Transportation website.

If you think this storm is bad, check out our list of Wyoming's worst winter storms below. How many of them can you remember?

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