If you've lived in Wyoming for, let's say, about a week, you know that one of its biggest ailments is the wind. Chicago may be called 'The Windy City,' but it doesn't have anything on Wyoming, which just might be 'The Windy State.'

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For example, WY Highway 258 (otherwise known as Wyoming Boulevard...otherwise known as Outer Drive) is closed to "light, high profile vehicles."

The reason? According to the Wyoming Department of Transportation, it's because of "gusting winds."

The wind is so bad in Wyoming, so strong, that it literally stops traffic and threatens vehicles.

Eat your heart out, Second City.

WYDOT reported that as of 1:49 p.m., Wyoming Boulevard is open to most vehicles, but it's closed to light, high profile vehicles because the wind could very easily move said vehicle from one part of the highway to the other. In fact, there's an 'Extreme Blow Over Risk' warning in effect.

Outer Drive isn't the only highway closed to light, high profile vehicles, either.

Both I-80 and US 30 are closed to light, high profile vehicles as well.

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