Petroleum analysts with say Wyoming's average gas price didn't change much last week.

“The Wyoming state average is at $3.06 per gallon, and that’s down a penny from where we were a week ago,” senior petroleum analyst Gregg Laskoski said on Monday.

“It’s very comparable to what we’re seeing nationwide – the national average is $3.27 per gallon, and that’s down about two cents from the last week,” Laskoski said.

Laskoski says Wyoming gas prices should decline nominally through the end of January. He also says motorists should expect increased price volatility in February.

“We expect prices to stay fairly flat – many refineries have not yet begun the process of depleting their inventory of winter blend gas before they can do the annual maintenance that’s needed in order to start the production of summer blend gasoline,” Laskoski said.

Gas is selling for as low as $2.92 in Casper, $2.98 in Cheyenne and $2.93 in Laramie.