In a press release, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) is reminding people not to place any kind of sign inside the state highway rights-of-way.

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Jeff Goetz, senior public relations specialist for WYDOT in District 2, said that the issue of signs comes down to safety and beautification.

"When you have people trying to strain to look at your little markers that you used to make your dry erase board markers to make your sign on a piece of paper, then you stick it on a telephone pole. So now I drive by and I strain to look at that, then I slam on the brakes cause I can't see it and someone hits me, it's those kinds of things, it's what we don't want. And it's also a beautification thing. Nobody ever picks up their signs, nobody ever cleans them up. The person that puts the sign out on the telephone pole at 2nd and Wyoming Boulevard, which I think there was one as of yesterday that'd been there for two weeks, near the Walgreens. People never pick them up, they just leave them there until we come and pick them up."

While garage sales, real estate, and open house signs are the biggest offenders, Goetz said that as the election season draws closer, they get more signs put up advertising certain candidates, either from that candidate or people in the community.

Signs can't be taped, stapled, or hung on traffic signals or other highway poles, fences, within the right-of-way, or put on boxes or sandwich boards placed on sidewalks at intersections.

WYDOT will remove any signs they find and take them to the local WYDOT office, with signs not picked up after five days being discarded.

While WYDOT has regulations pertaining to placing signs on their property, the city of Casper also excludes unauthorized signs from being placed on city property.

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