$10,000 is up for grabs in our AM 1400 ESPN You Pick'em Pro Football Challenge and after week one things look pretty close at the top of the leader board.

There were several upsets over the opening weekend and yours truly went 10-6 on the weekend giving me a share of the lead in our DJ battle, but much further down on the overall leader board.


Tee-Roy and myself are on top of the board after week one both garnering 10 correct pics and 6 misses on the opening week.


On the overall board after week 1, one team has broken away at the top and has a 2 game cushion between himself and the rest of the field.  Congrats to BigJim59 who went 13-3 on the weekend.

Now it's time to make your picks for week 2!  With some extremely difficult match ups this week, we wish you the best of luck!