Scott Coleman makes his initial court appearance where he is formally charged for Tuesday's deadly downtown collision.

On Wednesday afternoon, in an overflowing courtroom, thirty-eight-year-old, Scott Coleman, was officially charged.

According to affidavit, from at least the three-thousand block of CY Avenue, Coleman recklessly maneuvered his black GMC pickup in and out of traffic at speeds in excess of ninety miles per hour.

Once he turned onto Center Street, Coleman allegedly struck a parked vehicle, hopped onto the east-side sidewalk, and knocked over a street light that damaged two other vehicles.

Continuing north on the sidewalk, Coleman then allegedly struck eighteen-year-old, Jeremy Webb, sheered off a fire hydrant, and hit another light pole all while Webb was being dragged underneath the vehicle.

In a police interview, Coleman stated that he then let go of the steering wheel when he saw the building and decided that if that is what God wanted, he would hit the building.

Coleman's truck came to a stop twenty-five feet inside the Goodstein Building.

The pursuing Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper located and apprehended Coleman who was hiding in a woman's bathroom.

Webb was transported to the Wyoming Medical Center where he was pronounced dead by a paramedic at nine-ten am.

Coleman is charged with vehicular homicide, driving under the influence causing serious bodily injury, aggravated assault, felony property damage, and possession of marijuana.  Bond was set at one-hundred thousand dollars as the District Attorney stated that Coleman poses a serious risk to himself and the public.