The U.S. Postal Services has written a notice of intent warning the public of potential changes on the horizon.

As part of its Delivering for America Plan to modernize the nation's postal network, Casper's mail processing could be moved to Billings and Cheyenne's to Denver.

They wrote that the review would not result in facilities closing or career employee layoffs.

The letter of intent states that if they go forward with the move, "it is highly likely under those circumstances that the Casper facility will be modernized and repurposed as a Local Processing Center, a Sorting & Delivery Center, or both..."

Several Wyoming government officials have expressed concerns despite the USPS's assertion that the move would make mail handling more efficient. In fact the letter uses the word "efficiency" six times.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

It also notes another goal: to lower costs. However, the multi-state and 10-year plan will still take $40 billion in capital investments:  $20B for enhancements like facility space upgrades and new equipment, $19B for upgraded lobby spaces and something called "Next Generation Delivery Vehicle fleet" and $2B for major technology.

Consolidation studies are underway or complete for about 29 other facilities nation-wide. The plan seeks to eventually consolidate more than 150 mail processing centers.

What Could This Mean for Wyoming?

Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Gray noted his opposition to the packaging center moves on the grounds of a compromised electoral process: He wrote in a letter to the Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, "Since the Postal Service announced its proposal, our office has been contacted by numerous Wyomingites, concerned that processing Wyoming election mail in Denver would delay delivery of mail-in ballots and impede the integrity of Wyoming elections. I have these same concerns."

Senator Cynthia Lummis also wrote DeJoy, saying that she applauds the USPS's efforts to modernize, but doubts that the plan will not disrupt services and will force individuals to relocate or find new employment.

"Small businesses in our rural communities cannot afford delays to stay competitive in a global marketplace," wrote Governor Gordon in his letter to the Postmaster General.

Both Lummis and Gordon in their letters commented on the lack of transparency in the letter of intent from the USPS as well.

Yet DeJoy has been defending the Delivering for America plan for years now and has asked stakeholders not to stand in his way.

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