A Casper man was arrested for strangling a woman he lived with just hours after police arrested a man with a blood-alcohol level of .45 at the same home.

Scott J. Simmons, 49, was arrested on charges of domestic assault and strangulation of a household member about two hours after Marcus D. Brown, 38, was arrested for trespassing.

Casper police officers first went to the home on North Grant Street shortly after 7 p.m. Wednesday for a report of a disturbance. They arrived to find several people including Brown, whose eyes were reportedly bloodshot and glossy.

Court documents say Brown was not welcome at the residence, but he wouldn't leave. Brown reportedly tried to grab an officer multiple times and, after ignoring warnings to stop, was handcuffed.

Officers took Bown to a patrol car, and on the way Brown quit using his legs and had to be carried.

Brown was taken by ambulance to Wyoming Medical Center, where he reportedly registered a blood-alcohol level of .45. He was later cleared and taken to the Natrona County Detention Center.

About two hours later, officers returned to the home on North Grant for a report of a family fight. Simmons, who had been at the apartment when police were there earlier, had allegedly been "going crazy," attacking a woman and her roommate.

The victim told police, according to the affidavit, that the three of them had been watching a movie when a "switch flipped" and Simmons grabbed her neck with both hands and strangled her for about 3-10 seconds.

The roommate reportedly pulled Simmons off the woman and calmed Simmons down while the woman called police.

The victim told police SImmons was supposed to be taking several medications, but could not afford them. He was drinking along with the victim and the roommate before the incident, the victim told police, with the three of them sharing a fifth of Vodka and Simmons drinking most of it.


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