Trash collection for Casper residents is getting pushed back a day on Thursday and Friday because of the Thanksgiving holiday. Cindie Langston, the solid waste manager for the city of Casper, says the holiday collection runs are quicker, and the landfill closes early on Friday.

Six sanitation trucks:

"It's important to put your trash out Friday by 7 am because your trash truck driver is actually going to be there at a different time, so it's important that you set it out by 7 so you don't get it missed because everybody knows how frustrating it is to actually not have their garbage picked up. So remember, Thursday, set your trash out Friday by 7 am, and Friday's people, it's just as important for you to set it out on Saturday at 7 am, so you don't get missed."

Ms. Langston says there's also a good use for that frying oil at the hazardous waste drop-off building at the landfill. And besides, you don't want to pour that down the drain because it could clog your sewer line.

Grease clogs drains:

"We have a new special waste building, which is just across the street from where you go to take your trash, it's at the dump. It's free to the public, and it has a garage that's set up just for liquid grease, so you need to bring in your containers of liquid grease into that area, and just drop it off. And we actually have an agreement with a dog food company, and that's where it ends up going, so that's the best thing to do with all your liquid."

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