In conjunction with Severe Weather Awareness Week, April eighteenth through the twenty-second, the Natrona County Emergency Management Office will be testing the Outdoor Warning Siren System.

A practice tornado warning will be issued by the National Weather Service on the morning of Wednesday April twentieth.

"It'll be probably between ten o'clock and noon."

Stewart Anderson is the Natrona County Emergency Management Coordinator.

"Now is the time you know, to make yourself aware of our changing weather. We've already seen it east of here, back east and in the mid-west. But also, the fact that that is coming here soon, that severe type of weather with those thunderstorms. Possibly producing dangerous lightning, winds, large hail, flash flooding, and the possibility of a tornado."

Subsequent siren tests will be held at noon on the first Monday of every month beginning May second.

In the event of actual inclement weather, the April twentieth testing of the Outdoor Warning Sirens will be postponed.

For further information on the Outdoor Warning System or how to plan for severe weather, contact the Natrona County Emergency Management Office at 235-9205 or visit them online at