You can add tin cans to the list of items you save up for recycling. The City Of Casper says it's adding tin cans, such as those used for soups, vegetables, fruits, and pet foods, to all recycling depot sites.

City officials say to make the change, they'll be converting glass bins from most depots to bins for tin cans. You'll still find glass bins at the Solid Waste Facility, Rocky Mountain Discount Sports, and the Viking Court depots, and they'll have bins for tin cans as well.Tin cans need to be cleaned and have all labels removed before recycling.The changes will take place by October 15, 2017.

“We are very pleased our locally contracted recycler is again able to market tin cans and we are now able to provide this recycling service to our residents,” says Solid Waste Division Manger Cynthia Langston. She says to keep costs low, existing recycling containers will be changed to tin can bins, and no additional bins will be purchased. “Since glass is crushed and used in the landfill as cover, not recycled, we decided to use those bins and only keep glass bins at our most popular depots for glass recycling."

Recycling depots in Casper are located at: Wyoming Boulevard near the west entrance to the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds; Rocky Mountain Discount Sports; Paradise Valley pool; Meals on Wheels; North Casper soccer fields; Huber Park; Viking Court; and at the Balefill. All depots also have self-serve bins for cardboard, white paper, newspaper, magazines, number one and number two plastic bottles, and aluminum cans.

You can find more information at the City of Casper website, or by calling (307) 235-8246.

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