The Natrona County Sheriff's Office recently checked on area liquor stores and bars to ensure employees are following proper protocol to prevent sales of alcohol to people who aren't of legal drinking age, and three establishments were cited.

The Hangar Restaurant in Bar Nunn, the Sky Terrace Lounge at the Casper-Natrona County International Airport, and Chatters Bar in Bar Nunn all failed the compliance checks and were cited.

The Hangar also failed during the last round of compliance checks, conducted in May.

Sgt. Aaron Shatto of the Natrona County Sheriff's Office says the checks involve a confidential informant working with officers. The informant goes into an establishment and asks to purchase alcohol.

If the employee checks ID and refuses to sell alcohol when the informant is revealed to be underage, the business passes. When the employee either fails to check ID or agrees to sell alcohol despite knowing the informant is underage, the business fails.

These businesses passed the latest round of compliance checks:

  • Sloanes General Store
  • Sunset Bar and Grill
  • Lazy 8 Bar
  • Prairie Schooner
  • Midway Liquors
  • Big D Truck Stop (both locations)
  • Northern Dreams
  • Arcade Bar
  • Horseshoe Bar

Rimrock Bar and Racks Night Club were both closed for business at the time of the compliance checks, while the Black Gold Grille was closed for a private party.

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