It's surprising how many people don't know the most beautiful parts of their community or state.

It helps to have someone point out what was missed.

There is a gentleman on TikTok who is taking the time to produce short videos on the most interesting places to visit no matter where you might be in Wyoming.

Except that... it's all nonsense!

He starts by zooming in on one of Wyoming's towns, with wonderful music playing in the background.

Then he throws in a bunch of pictures and videos that have NOTHING to do with that side of the planet, much less Wyoming.

Let's look at this video about Greybull. 

Did you see anything that looks anything like Greybull, Wyoming?

Where the HELL did that train over the forest come from?

I don't recall Greybull having trees like that and ferns.

Palm trees? White sandy beaches? Dolphins?

The homes in Greybull would be worth a lot more money if the place looked like that.

Okay, fine, let's go to Riverton, Wyoming.

I'm sure this video will... WHAT!?

I'm sorry but I don't recall Riverton having castles on a rock cliff overlooking the ocean.

Does anyone remember seeing mountain tops around Riverton that looked like THAT?

I think we get the point here.

It doesn't matter if this guy ever went to these Wyoming towns or not.

He's just having fun at the expense of the people who've never been there.

Let's have a look at one more

OH LOOK! Laramie has streets that look like a European village.

Does Laramie have PANDA BEARS?

I never knew that.

To see this guy's entire collection of Wyoming videos you can visit his TikTok page at this link.

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