At the Casper city council meeting on Tuesday, the council approved a restaurant liquor license for Steamboat Deli in a 6-0 vote.

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Toni Stanley, the owner of the restaurant, came to the council to talk about the benefits of being able to sell alcohol.

"It's tough these days for small businesses, and I think I offer very good sandwiches and salads and it would be nice to have a cold beer with your sandwich on a day like this," Stanley said. "And it offers another source of income to stay viable during these times."

Anne McKinnon, a Casper resident, said that she's known Stanley for a long time and also supports the deli being able to sell liquor.

"I've known Toni for a long time, not well, I haven't spoken to her for a year or more, but I know she's an excellent chief and I think it would be lovely to have a place, it sounds to me, not only is she hoping to have beer with the sandwiches but wine in the evening if she can eventually make her restaurant into a trattoria and have a nice quiet place to go have dinner and a glass of wine for those of us who may not frequent the many louder bars that have opened in Casper," McKinnon said.

Councilmember Lisa Engebretsen asked Stanley if she plans to extend her hours to account for people who are hoping to stay later for alcohol, and Stanley replied that she is.

The city has an unlimited amount of restaurant liquor licenses that it can hand out.

Mayor Ray Pacheco said that it takes a lot of work to build small businesses and they're very important for the city to protect.

"Small businesses are the heart of our city and so we appreciate those. I know restaurant business, while I've never been a restaurant owner, I know it's incredibly difficult," Pacheco said. "It's a lot of work, it's a lot of investment, it's a lot of time, you live there, it's your baby if you will. I appreciate the investment and we need to save and protect our small businesses at all cost. So thank you Toni for continuing to do that, and you do have very delicious sandwiches, cause I've eaten there multiple times."

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