New details have emerged in regards to a shooting death at Taylor's Sports Bar in Evansville.

Investigators say on Wednesday, July 24th at around midnight...41-year old Todd Callies and his friends were walking out of the bar, when they saw 21-year old Samuel Renner pointing a gun at someone.

The group then attempted to disarm Renner, and during the scuffle, three shots were fired...the last 2, ended up hitting Callies on the left side of his upper chest.

Callies was later pronounced dead at Wyoming Medical Center.

Renner is facing 11 charges, including first degree murder, attempted first degree murder, seven counts of aggravated assault, and two counts of possession of a deadly weapon.

Taylor's Sports Bar
Kevin Koile - TownSquare Media

Investigators say earlier that same night, Renner was drinking at the bar, and when he left, he got into a fight with another patron..

Renner then went home and got two with a mounted aiming laser and returned to the bar shortly before midnight

Witnesses told law enforcement officials that he was looking for the guy that he got into a fight with, but never found him.

Through interviews, one group of witnesses said that they were in the bar parking lot, when Renner approached them, pointed the two guns at them and said “Do you want to die?”

Another witness said Renner approached him, and pointed a gun with the laser sight at him and said “I’m going to kill someone, is that alright with you?”

At his preliminary hearing, prosecutors argued that Renner can not claim self-defense, in the second scuffle, because he was the provoker.

Renner's defense argued that first degree murder requires pre-meditation...and since Callies was not the intended target, the pre-meditation requirement had not been met.

A Circuit Court Judge bound Renner over to district court on all 11 charges.

Renner is being held without bond awaiting trial, and could face the death penalty on the first-degree murder charge, if convicted.

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