The Natrona County Sheriff’s Office received another report of stolen horse tail hair on Tuesday.

The incident occurred west of Casper off 33 Mile Road. Lt. Gus Holbrook with the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office says horse owners should call their local sheriff’s office or 911 immediately if they spot suspicious activity.

By all means, do not approach that person if you catch them in the act – you don’t know if that person is dangerous or not,” Holbrook said. “Try to get vehicle information, license place number, and the vehicle's year, make and model if possible.”

Roughly 100 incidents have been reported statewide. Similar reports have been fielded as far north as South Dakota.

On Tuesday, Converse County, Natrona County and Fremont County Sheriff’s Office representatives met to discuss how to better protect both horses and horse owners in central Wyoming. Holbrook says deputies will be dispatched to more-rural areas of Natrona County to help curtail future thefts.

What we’re doing is putting out extra patrols in the areas we feel are most vulnerable at this time,” Holbrook said. “We have a little information on possibilities of vehicles that have been seen in the area, so we’re getting that information out to the deputies.”

Holbrook suggests horse owners add additional lighting to their barns and stables to help ward off potential horse hair thieves.

Those with more information are urged to contact the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office at (307) 235-9282, the Converse County Sheriff’s Office at (307) 358-4700 or the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office at (307) 332-5611.