On Monday, the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation and the Converse County Sheriff's Office learned a ring of methamphetamine addicts, who had stolen vehicles in the past, were planning to steal a specific camper trailer in Douglas, according to a press release from the Sheriff's Office.

"The owner of this camper was contacted and notified and it is believed the theft of this camper was averted," the press release says.

The Sheriff's Office and the DCI believe there still may be plans to steal campers in Douglas and Converse County.

The Sheriff's Office and the DCI ask camper owners to take extra steps to secure their campers by buying ball locks, placing other vehicles in front of the tongue of the campers, and other reasonable efforts to delay or stop the theft of their campers.

Likewise, they say not to think that your camper is safe because it is parked right by your house or residence.

Do not leave your keys in your vehicles. Lock them when you leave them to shop or when they are at your residence.

Car thefts are on the rise in Wyoming and Colorado.

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