The Sheridan man who demanded Casper and its police department release public records about the disappearance of Kristi Richardson and the death of Mick McMurry, wants the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation to do the same, according to recent documents.

Lovcom, Inc., known as Sheridan Media owned by Kim Love, sued the city and police department on May 30 after it unsuccessfully asked the city and police department for documents about Richardson's disappearance in October 2014, McMurry's suicide the following March, and any possible relationship between the two cases.

Lovcom said releasing the information will give the public information about crime in the community, the performance of authorities investigating the cases, and the possibility that more leads may surface. Love has admitted he has long held animosity toward McMurry after a water pipeline dispute.

However, Interim Police Chief Steve Schulz on May 18 transferred its records about Richardson's disappearance to the DCI, and he did the same on June 7 with McMurry's suicide, according to the city's response to Lovcom's petition.

Lovcom has responded the law and facts supporting the release of the records now with the DCI are the same as those it had in demanding the records from the City of Casper and the police department.

It has asked Natrona County District Court for a hearing about the case on Thursday.

Richardson's daughter Amber Fazio has said she is unaware of any connection between her mother and McMurry.

The Richardson family has offered a reward of $250,000 for information leading to the conviction of persons or persons involved in her disappearance.

Anyone with any information about the Richardson case is urged to call Casper police at 235-8202.