Senator Barrasso recently appeared in front of press outside of the Senate chambers and once again challenged President Biden on his perceived lack of action when it comes to soaring gasoline prices.

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"In the Joe Biden economy, the American people have suffered through the most expensive Memorial Day ever," Senator Barrasso stated. "Gas prices today average $4.92 a gallon. That's 30 cents higher a gallon than when we were here two weeks ago. And Joe Biden has an opportunity to try to make things differently for all of these people who are having to cancel summer plans, make changes in their life...but he's not doing it."

Barrasso said that President Biden is "tragically refusing to take the steps needed to help the American people."

Barrasso accused President Biden of being wedded to "climate extremists," to the point that he won't consider drilling for oil in the United States.

Instead, Barrasso stated, President Biden wants to use the Defensive Prevention Act.

"What does he want to use it for?" Barrasso asked. "Not for pipelines. Not for more oil and gas exploration. But for solar panels. Solar panels when the price of gas is approaching $5 a gallon."

Barrasso said that US Treasury Secretary Janey Yellen was blaming inflation costs on "Putin and the pandemic." He said that families are paying $5,000 more this year just to maintain where they were a year ago. He also stated that people don't believe what the President is saying; they believe what they're seeing and experiencing themselves.

Barrasso also referenced the fact the suggestion that people who are unhappy with gas prices should just purchase an electric car.

"That's sure not working in Wyoming," he said. "These people are tone deaf. Out of touch."

Barrasso then stated that there were some Democrats who actually wanted high gas prices for a long time, including President Biden who, Barrasso said, guaranteed that he would "eliminate fossil fuels."

"This President has come out, siding with the environmental extremists and attacking oil and gas leases," Barrasso said. "He went after my home state of Wyoming, a number of western states. They've frozen 2,000 leases in Wyoming with their actions just last week. And these were leases that were granted in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2020. So the president has once again taken an axe to American energy, and as a result he is chopping into the paychecks of the American people. So when Joe Biden stands up there and he says to the American people that he is 'doing everything possible' to lower the price of gasoline, the President is lying and there's no other way to say it."

Incidentally, the House of Representatives recently passed a bill along party lines that gives the Federal Trade Commission the authority to investigate energy companies for alleged price gouging (raising prices).

"The legislation, from Rep. Kim Schrier (D-Calif) and Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.), would outlaw the selling of fuel at an 'excessive' price during an energy emergency, though it does not detail any particular price threshold," The Hill reported.

Every single Republican, including Senator Barrasso, voted against this bill.

According to CNN, "The bill, sponsored by Rep. Katie Porter of California and Rep. Kim Schrier of Washington, gives the President the power to issue a declaration making it unlawful for energy companies to increase prices that are 'unconsciously excessive', and authorizes the FTC to enforce those violating the act."

The bill is unlikely to pass in the Senate.

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