He's always said that 'Controversy Creates Cash' and if there's one thing that's controversial, it's being seen with political figures.

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Still, former World Championship Wrestling (WCW) President Eric Bischoff threw caution to the wind, as he posted a picture of himself with Wyoming Senator John Barrasso.

Bischoff, a former pro wrestling personality in both WCW and the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), has made Cody, Wyoming his home for the past several years. At first, Bischoff' house in Cody was his second home, but he and his wife just couldn't resist the Wyoming way of life, so they moved to just outside the town years ago.

Given that Wyoming is not really known as the largest state in America, it was inevitable that some of its 'celebrities' would run into each other at some point, and that's exactly what happened when Bischoff met Barrasso.

While Bischoff may no longer be in front of a camera or inside of a wrestling ring, he's still involved with the business via his 83 Weeks podcast with Co-Host Conrad Thompson. Every week, Bischoff reminisces about his time in the wacky world of professional wrestling and, inevitably, he'll say something controversial that is designed to rile up pro wrestling fans on Twitter.

Because it's like he always says...

Controversy creates cash.

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