Several towns in the Upper North Platte River Basin in southern Wyoming, are trying to fight off rising waters from nearby rivers.

The town of Saratoga along the North Platte River, is dealing with the worst of it.

The National Weather Service says water levels are expected to climb to almost 10 feet by noon on Tuesday, May 27th.

"We're supposed to be potentially at 10.5 plus by Wednesday/Thursday (May 28-29)."

That mark would put the town right on the line, between moderate and major flooding, according to the National Weather Service.

Minor flooding is at 8 1/2 feet, moderate flooding is at 9 1/2 feet, and major flooding is at 10 1/2 feet.

Mayor John Zieger says the National Guard arrived in town on Sunday May 25th, to begin placing sand bags along the river banks.

The rate of snow-melt tends to increase around this time of year, and Mayor Zieger says that's not the only concern.

"With that storm system off of Mexico, they're concerned by next weekend, we will see the moisture from that, plus we're supposed to hit in the 70's and 80's midweek."

The storm he's referring to is Hurricane Amanda, that is churning in the Pacific Ocean.

The last flood that Saratoga experienced was in 2011, when water levels in the river, got up to 11 and 1/2 feet.

As of Monday May 26th, the Wyoming Water Resources Data System shows that snow-pack levels in the Upper North Platte River Basin, are at 170 percent of average.

Mayor Zieger says it's normal for flood concerns to happen from time to time, around this time of year, depending on snow-pack levels and the snow melt rate.

The National Weather Service says the Encampment River near Encampment, and the Little Snake River near Savery, are both expected to reach minor flood stage later this week

All pictures were taken on Sunday, May 25th.