City of Casper officials have figured out how they want to spend a projected $68 million in optional one-cent sales tax revenue over the next four years – assuming voters pass the tax again this November.

After fielding roughly 3,000 surveys online, through the mail and at one-cent forums held throughout Natrona County, city officials say they'll, once again, focus on water, fire, streets and police – the four areas that fielded the greatest public response.

The city says say it will put roughly $48 million of the $60 million city budget toward those areas if the tax is approved.

The other $12 million will be split among the fourteen areas that ranked lower on the surveys. They were, in order: Senior citizen services, community health services, parks, playgrounds, trails and outdoor sports facilities, human services, flood control and river restoration, fostering a strong local economy, providing for the one percent operation and maintenance savings account, swimming and recreation, library books, public building repairs, public transportation, energy conservation, technology support, and the arts.

City officials say they'll set aside the other $8 million for community projects.

Casper City Council will vote on the spending list at its Aug. 5 meeting. They gave the list initial, non-formal approval earlier this week.

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