Seat belt use may have been the saving grace in a crash at the Robertson Road/West Belt Loop intersection near Casper. It happened Wednesday around noon. Officials say according to witnesses, a GMC truck headed west on Robertson Road stopped at the stop sign, then either misjudged the distance or didn't see a southbound semi-trailer truck. The driver tried to cross and hit the side of the semi. Officials say the passenger in the GMC sustained injuries to his legs, but State Trooper Brandon Morton says seat belt use likely saved the two from more significant injuries, or worse.

"I think the most important aspect was it kept both occupants of truck restrained and inside the vehicle," said Trooper Morton. "It kept them from moving forward in the collision and possible either hitting the dash or the windshield, or any other part of the vehicle."

A double-fatal accident at that intersection in June prompted officials to make safety changes including rumble strips on Robertson Road and lower speed limits on the Belt Loop. Still, Morton says, people need to remain cautious.

"Even though there's the stop signs and the rumble strips, people do need to pay attention and make sure they come to a complete stop at the intersection, and make sure it's clear before they enter that intersection because of the speed that people are going on the highway. It will still take you a significant time to cross the intersection which could result in a crash."

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