Proposed changes to what's required for Natrona County students to graduate from high school had their first reading at Monday's district board meeting.

The school board also heard more public comment, most of which matched the sentiments expressed in a recent district wide survey. The survey found strong opposition to a decrease in elective credits for graduates and an increase in mandatory coursework, like more math or fine arts classes.

"I did attend the meeting at NC that Mr Mathern conducted. There were about 25 different people there. They came from probably 25 different points of view. To a person, no one wanted more requirements on their students." Jack Stewart is a district parent of three.

The option read Monday also calls for an additional three credits to graduate. Changes to Physical Education proposed in earlier versions were eliminated and the so-called Capstone Project has been taken out.

Any changes adopted will not effect students for another four years.

No vote was taken on Monday. Second reading of the proposed changes to graduation requirements will be heard on November 26th.

You can get more information on the proposals by following this link.








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