Laramie residents may see the rainbow pride flag flying this June on the University of Wyoming campus. The Associated Student of the University of Wyoming passed Resolution #2539, allowing for the pride flag to be flown in Prexy’s Pasture during Gay Pride month in June during their meeting last week.

The resolution was revived for a second reading after initially being indefinitely tabled by the Student Outreach and Policy committee in February.

ASUW Vice President Tyler Wolfgang said the committee wanted to collect more data on the resolution and never intended to stall or kill the legislation.

“Student Outreach and Policy committee has been very approachable about it [the resolution] and it has said they were tabling it just to get more outreach from several groups around campus,” Wolfgang said. “They were always open to bringing it back.”

Wolgang said the committee used a survey on the UWyo guidebook app to collect feedback from students on campus. The SOP committee provided the responses collected from the survey in a document and provided it to the student senate.

Changes to the resolution include clarification of language to signal that the resolution would follow U.S. flag code, meaning the flag would always fly beneath the U.S. flag and the Wyoming state flag and the University of Wyoming flag. Wolfgang said the resolution calls for the flag to fly during a week in June, as opposed to the entire month as originally proposed.

The resolution was met with some opposition, however.

UW student Isacc Roque attended the ASUW meeting and disagreed with the resolution to fly the pride flag on the UW campus.

“The resolution sets the precedent for other flags to be flown on Prexy's Pasture and I hope other groups do not feel excluded or misrepresented by ASUW's action,” Roque said.

Roque said he suggested alternatives to the resolution, such as having a separate flag pole that could be used for social issues. He said none of his suggestions where accepted as a compromise.

Roque says he hopes the university will clarify what flags are allowed to be flown in the UW campus.

“I wish to see the University of Wyoming to take action and set clear guidelines as to what flags can be flown on Prexy's Pature,” Roque said.

Wolfgang said he was happy the resolution had passed, but that he felt ASUW was capable of doing more.

“This is kind of a symbolic gesture, however ASUW has the power and the responsibility to make more significant changes for those who are underrepresented at UW,” Wolfgang said.

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