U.S. Postal Service letter carriers are working and its offices are open, despite the winter storm that has shut down much of Wyoming, according to a news release.

So the Postal Service wants residents to keep clear their walkways, porches and other accesses to postal boxes, said USPS Colorado/Wyoming District Manager Kevin Romero.

Letter carriers are on the front line of severe weather conditions. While salting and rubber-backed mats help, the Postal Service relies on residents to clear the snow.
The Postal Service recommends residents:

  • Clear enough snow from curbside boxes so the carriers may approach, deliver the mail and leave safely and without blocking their vehicles.
  • Clear walkways to allow enough traction so letter carriers can avoid slips, trips and falls.
  • Keep steps – especially painted wood -- clear of ice and snow and in good repair, and remove hazards that could cause tripping.
  • Keep clear the approach to and exit from roadside mailboxes, and remove obstacles such as trash cans and vehicles.
  • Watch for slow-moving postal vehicles, carriers on foot, and children that play near mailboxes or snow banks.


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