A Casper woman named Carol Salveson is being honored in the Veterans of Foreign Wars #StillServing campaign.

Salveson joined the Air Force when she was 21. "I knew I had to grow up. I had to do something. So I joined the military, and it was very good for me" she shared with K2Radio News during a podcast episode. She later became a weather forecaster and spent 12 years as a Special Education teacher.

Salveson lost her son, a decorated Green Beret, to suicide. She knew she needed to do something to help veterans dealing with Post Traumatic Stress.

Since 2017, Salveson has been training dogs to become service animals for veterans struggling with PTS. Through Project Kenny, she has found a way to honor her son's memory and help other veterans.

Courtesy Michelle Cheesman
Carol Salveson's son, Bobbie. Courtesy Michelle Cheesman

Listen to our whole conversation below:

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