With the retirement of the Casper Roughnecks this spring there was an open spot for a new Junior Hockey team.

It wasn't long before the Casper Ice Arena was approached by the commissioner of the United States Premier Hockey League and the owner of a new National College Development Conference (NCDC) hockey franchise—BladeEdge Ventures, LLC—headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The new league plans to stay for a while and have requested a three year term with two automatic one year extensions unless either party requests termination. At tomorrow's city council meeting they will finalize the terms.

As noted in the rental agreement, the tenant will "engage the community to name the team."

It further states the leaugue owners have till September 1st to put out a game schedule.

The new league expects to play in the Rocky Mountain Division against leagues in Rock Springs, Ogden, Pueblo, and Provo, among others. This per a memo to City Council from manager Carter Napier.

Under the agreement, BladeEdge will pay the City rental fees with escalation each year and 5% of the advertising value placed in the Ice Arena. Staff estimate the terms could generate $25,000 to $30,000 for the City annually.

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