The Natrona County School Board did not get what they wanted from the Wyoming School Facilities Commission at their meeting Thursday.

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The Wyoming School Facilities Commission's final recommendation for a construction timeline for the three high school projects in Natrona County is for a staggered schedule.

School Board Commissioner, Steve Degenfelder, says, "The construction staggered scheduled calls for the CAPS center to start first, then Kelly Walsh , once Kelly Walsh is finished then I believe they want to move the NCHS kids over to the Kelly Walsh old campus while they renovate the NCHS campus."

Board members and Superintendent Joel Dvorak made their case before the commission for a simultaneous schedule maintaining it would be the best for students.

Staggering construction stretches the projects out an additional four years to 2018.

Facilities Commissioners took issue saying a staggered timeline better suits the construction industry, Wyoming finances and keeps a standard of practice consistent throughout the state. The facilities board also denied an increase in building size, keeping with a five year population estimate of 3600 high school students.

With a decision made, Degenfelder says at least now, the construction and renovation projects can move forward after a nearly four month freeze.

"It allows us to move forward with our architects who have already been engaged on all three projects and things that have been delayed, like property acquisition around NCHS, will be able to proceed."

He suggest the conversation is not over and the school board may seek recourse.

'The Natrona County School Board is not going to stop here. We know what's best for our kids and we'll try any means possible that we can, whether that means the legislature, the Governors office or any avenue."

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