The Natrona County School District's board of trustees approved the sale of two former school buildings on Monday.

The pending sales totaling more than $900,000 won't cover the impending revenue cuts from the state, but they will help, District Superintendent Steve Hopkins said after the trustees meeting.

"It generates one-time dollars, and those dollars go to the board, and then the board determines what their next best use would be," Hopkins said.

"Certainly in an environment where we're receiving less revenue, they can be used as a cushion against that reduction, again in a one-time fashion," he said.

The pending sales come less than two months after a committee recommended closing Grant Elementary School, and disposing and removing inventory at North Casper Elementary School, Fairgrounds Center, Roosevelt High School and Mills Elementary School.

The district received three bids for the Fairgrounds Center, and the Alliance Church submitted the minimum bid of amount advertised of $566,000.

It received one bid for Roosevelt High School, and the Casper Housing Authority submitted the minimum bid amount advertised of $350,000.

The buildings and properties were appraised by two independent appraisal companies and then publicly advertised with a minimum bid amount, according to district.

The sale process should be completed by March 15.

The district, Hopkins said, has had inquiries on all the buildings it would like to sell.

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