The debate over allowing children to change their gender from female to male or vise-versa is one of America’s most polarizing topics. Especially when it comes to education and its influence over children.

The Natrona County School District Board of Trustees is scheduled to discuss a policy proposal tonight that aims to create a rule regarding identity by honoring only the stated biological sex on an official state issued birth certificate.

The proposal reads that the term Gender Dysphoria be used instead of "transgender," referencing a manual published by the American Psychiatric Association.

Further, the proposal says that due to the lack of FDA approved medications and surgical treatments for minors, the school board cannot allow students of the opposite biological sex to coexist in bathrooms, locker rooms, overnight stays and athletic events; students will be required to use the restroom and locker room that corresponds to their biological sex on their state issued birth certificate.

Terms in the proposal argue that all students and athletes should only be allowed to participate in athletic activities offered to their biological sex listed on a state issued birth certificate.

The suggestion states that school staff should listen to students who voluntarily discuss sexual identity, but encourage them to talk with their parents. Also, the staff shall notify the parent/guardian of the student about the conversation within 24 hours and a report must be filed with the school office.

"Natrona County School District will not provide liability protection to any teacher, administrator, counselor, or any other staff member who takes it upon themselves to counsel, advise, or encourage the behavior of a student expressing gender dysphoria" reads the propsal.

Currently, Rock Springs parents are suing the Sweetwater County School Board for allegedly hiding their child's transgendered identity.

The lawsuit, first reported by Cowboy State Daily, alleges that administrators at the district called their daughter, who they say suffers from ADHD and PTSD, by male pronouns and a male name.

According to the complaint, parents believe that staff are deceiving parents by referring to children one way when communicating with parents and another way at school.

In recent years the numbr of young people who identify as transgender in the United States has nearly doubled, and schools are now left to grapple with choosing what's best for children amidst a divisive -- and sometimes hostile -- political climate.

Read the full policy here.

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