A student at Natrona County High School says the building was not properly secured during the lockout Wednesday morning.

Natrona County High School Student Hunter Bullard of the group Casper Youth for Change said in a statement that a student who did not know about the lockout and was late for class, was able to enter the building through an unlocked entrance and make his way to his classroom.

Here is Bullard's version of events, which she shared with K2 Radio News:

This morning immediately following the announcements, our principal, Mrs. Harris came on the line and told everyone that we were in a lockout state. Although not necessary, my math teacher decided to close and lock the door to her classroom. About 20 minutes into class, we heard a knock on the door. All of us looked at each other in confusion, including my teacher, who went over to the door, looked out the window, and saw it was one of the students in our class so she let him in.

“How did you get in the school?” she asked. “Through the doors by the attendance office,” he replied. “Did you have to go through the attendance office?” she asked. “No,” he said, then jokingly, “I feel like I’m being interrogated right now!” There was a pause for a moment before my teacher asked, “Did you not know there was a lockout?” Again the boy replied in the negative.

About 5 minutes later, Mrs. Harris came on the line again and said “We are in a lockout. If you are late to school go home and do not return until the threat has been lifted.” Interrupting her, though, was a girl in my class who sarcastically asked, “Oh, ARE we in a lockout?”

The Casper Youth For Change called for increased school safety a week ago at our walkout, especially in the form of locking doors. Now we know that not only does it not happen during normal school hours, it doesn’t even happen during a lockout.

During a lockout, all building entrances are to be secured in order to prevent anyone from entering or leaving the building. Normal school activities continue inside the building.

Shannon Harris, Principal of Natrona County High School, has not responded to a voicemail seeking comment as of this writing.

When asked, Natrona County School District Public Relations Officer Tanya Southerland said she did not have specific information regarding the incident.

Southerland did not immediately offer further comment, but this story will be updated to reflect any comment she may choose to make on behalf of the district.

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