The organization representing K-12 educators in Natrona County echoed its support for the Natrona County School District's $33 million bond issue on Wednesday.

“It has great impact on safety (and) there’s a strong possibility that we’ll have more engaged high school students – I can see this leading to higher graduation rates, and I can really see it leading to more-prepared graduates,” Natrona County Education Association president Doreen McGlade said.

During a press conference held on Wednesday, McGlade said that, if approved next month, the bond will benefit both district educators and students.

“The teachers’ working conditions are the students’ learning conditions,” McGlade said. “The people who benefit are the students – (but) the teachers will have better tools (and) better equipment, and safety benefits our adults and our children.”

McGlade also said that, of the 550 educators that make up her organization, most support the bond issue. There was some early hesitation, however.

“The swimming pools are supported (and) safety is supported – the early apprehension, I think, was based on misunderstanding of what the bond actually will fund,” McGlade said. “When people look at those components, they seem to get on board.”

The district is looking to finance an enhancement package which includes new swimming pools for high schools, enhanced security equipment, new professional-grade academy equipment and the construction of a new science and technology center.

The enhancements cannot be funded with state dollars.

District officials say that, if passed, the estimated monthly tax burden will be $1.81 per $100,000 of a home’s market value. The bond will have a 12-year term.

The bond election is scheduled for May 6.

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