Casper police arrested a Mills woman in the early hours of Tuesday morning after she allegedly crashed her vehicle into two parked cars while she was "very drunk."

Jeanie Roslie Hobb, 21, was booked into jail on recommended charges of DWUI, having an open container of alcohol inside a vehicle, possession of marijuana, no insurance and two hit-and-run charges.

Court documents say a Casper police officer was sent to the area of 10th and Durbin for a reported hit-and-run crash shortly before 3 a.m. Tuesday. The suspect vehicle was described as a blue 2007 Subaru Outback.

The officer found the Outback stopped facing westbound on 10th street at a stop sign at the Durbin intersection. Police say two vehicles in the area of Ninth Street and Durbin had been hit by Hobb's vehicle.

A witness reportedly identified Hobb as the driver of the suspect vehicle that hit the two parked cars and left without trying to notify the owners.

The officer spoke with Hobb, who was evidently intoxicated. She was reportedly slurring her words and saying, "I am very drunk." Hobb said she had been drinking at "Butch's."

When the officer asked Hobb to get out of the vehicle, she nearly fell over, stumbling to the rear of the vehicle.

The officer tried to perform one sobriety test with Hobb, but Hobb would not follow directions and the test could not be completed. Hobb was arrested and put in the back seat of the officer's patrol vehicle, where she allegedly said "f--- you" to the officer.

Another officer completed a vehicle inventory of the Subaru and found a small black plastic container containing marijuana. An open container of Potter's Vodka was also discovered, according to the affidavit.