McGinley Orthopedics is currently preparing to expand through an investment offering to Wyoming residents they announced in a press release.

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“We are excited to continue growth in Wyoming by adding residents as shareholders in the company. We look at our investors as members of our team. We learn from them and in turn they become our ambassadors. Together we can change the standard of care in orthopedics,” said Founder and CEO Dr. McGinley.

The company plans to use investment capital to expand sales of the IntelliSense Drill Technology® and Lever Action Plate System®. Additionally, the funding will support further commercialization of new products in the company’s pipeline, according to a prepared statement from McGinley Orthopedics.

“The products we have in-market are just the beginning. We have over 71 patent families with 104 approved patents and 22 pending patents. Some of the pipeline innovations are already in a prototype stage and we are excited to get to the public. Our goal is to continue to push the idea of what is possible in orthopedic surgical tools.”

McGinley Orthopedics is headquartered in the iconic “M Building” in Casper, Wyoming which recently underwent renovations to accommodate the high tech medical device company.

McGinley Orthopedics manufactures all of their products in-house. Manufacturing facilities are located just outside of Casper in Glenrock.

Dr. McGinley said, “We are headquartered in Wyoming on purpose. Our growth is rooted in the great talent pool and favorable business climate that the state has to offer. Now we are excited to open up an investment opportunity for the general public to participate in our continued expansion."

You can learn more about McGinley Orthopedics’ Regulation A+ fundraising campaign by visiting

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