A man was arrested in Casper yesterday after he walked into the Parkway Plaza hotel and told the front desk clerk that she needed to call the police because was going to "blow up the hotel."

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William Willoughby entered the Parkway Plaza around 1 o'clock Thursday afternoon wearing a camouflage jacket with a bag strapped on his chest.

According to police documents, after he threatened to blow up the hotel the clerk told him that such topics were not something to joke about. He then said, " I am not joking. I am going to blow up the hotel in a few minutes."

When officers arrived on scene, Willoughby told police that he had been drinking vodka straight for the past four days and that he could not remember what happened.

He advised police that he didn't have a bomb, but that he knew how to make one and was planning on making one.

When officers asked Willoughby why he was threatening to blow up buildings he told them that he was, "hearing voices" and that they were, "telling him what to say."

Willoughby was arrested on a charge of terroristic threats and was transported to the Natrona County Detention Center