ALCOVA (AP) — A reservoir in central Wyoming is both a serene and peculiar place to visit this winter.

Alcova Reservoir is typically low this time of year but lately has been drawn down 29 feet below the usual winter operating level for repairs on the spillway.

The reservoir, 30 minutes from Casper, is busy in summer but quiet in winter.

Recent visitors include Dino Wenino, who paddles his kayak around where previously submerged fishing rods, boating equipment and other trash can be seen on shore.

Wenino tells the Casper Star-Tribune he doesn't have a care in the world while he's out in nature.


The U.S. Department of Interior's Bureau of Reclamation owns the water and the shoreline of the Pathfinder, Alcova and Gray Reef reservoirs.

Natrona County manages the surrounding land including leasing cabins, trailer lot spaces, and other amenities. The county applies those rents, set at market rates, for improvements.


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