Senator John Barrasso recently spoke outside of the Senate chambers to address rising gasoline prices, inflation, and more. As always, the Wyoming Senator made no bones about who he believes to be at fault for these high prices.

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"The Democrats know they have a very serious problem when it comes to American families, people who pay their bills," Senator Barrasso stated. " And what [people at home] see is gas prices at an all-time high, inflation at a 40-year high. And people know what they want; they want energy security, they want economic security. And American families don't believe they're getting it from the Democrats, from the White House, from this House, from the Senate run by Democrats."

Senator Barrasso stated that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are "desperately trying to find somebody to blame," when it comes to these high prices.

Barrasso, knowing many of his constituents are visual learners, was quick to utilize a visual aide that said Democrats are "blaming everything but themselves."

He stated that Democrats are blaming COVID-19, the economy, the supply chain, corporations, Vladimir Putin, and more for inflation and gasoline prices.

"Now they wanna try something new," Barrasso said. "The Democrats now say they're gonna go to political grandstanding. They say they want to bring in energy company executives, so they can use them as political props."

Barrasso then put his prop down and continued.

"Brow beat 'em, lecture 'em, scold 'em, and Pelosi has a committee all set up to do that," Barrasso said. "And you'd think in the Senate, they would have come to the Senate Energy Committee, cause it's the Energy Committee that's gonna do it in the house."

Barrasso said that he would love for them to come in front of the Senate Energy Committee (of which he was elected as a ranking member) and allow himself and Joe Manchin to ask the questions. He said that they could find out why oil production is down 1.3 million barrels a day compared to where it was during the pandemic.  He also stated that maybe they could find out why the Biden Administration has "tied them up in red tape" in terms of drilling permits, oil & gas leases, etc. Barrasso said they would ask about how the Biden Administration has blocked permitting to build pipelines and, Barrasso alleged, has "threatened banks and lending institutions so they won't lend money to the people who want to go out and explore for energy."

Barrasso also said they would like to hear from the Biden Administration how many jobs were lost because of their policies. He stated that the people of America producing energy do a much better job, to higher environmental standards, than those in other countries.

"And then maybe we could ask either President Biden or the administration why they have Venezuela and Iran on speed dial, but blocked the calls coming from American oil and gas workers," Barrasso said. "Joe Biden clearly deserves the label of 'The President of High Gas Prices."

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