Journey Elementary School's Destination Imagination team excelled in the state Destination Imagination competition and is gearing up for Globals.

Destination Imagination is a creative problem-solving program that is 100% student-driven, focusing on STEM.

Each season, teams are given new and engaging Team Challenges to encourage students to explore their passions, discover their unique talents and abilities, collaborate with their peers, and learn new skills.

Journey Elementary students chose to solve the engineering challenge for the state competition earlier this year, excelling in designing, building, and problem-solving skills with the production of their roller coaster model.

For the competition, students produced a working model of a roller coaster, wrote the script for a short performance presenting their project, and then participated in the instant challenge. In the instant challenge, a surprise problem is presented to students, putting their teamwork and creative problem-solving to the test.

After excelling at state, the team is now gearing up for the Global competition coming up in May.

They are making improvements to their roller coaster with upgraded materials and rehearsing their performance, all while keeping their creative problem-solving skills fine-tuned to be prepared for the instant challenge.

Journey Heroes shared their highlighted moments from Destination Imagination this year:

  • Silas - “I’m most excited for the globals competition because we got to use wooden materials on our project.”
  • Zane - “I like being in Destination Imagination because I get to hang out with my friends a lot.”
  • Steven - “What I like about Destination Imagination is that we got to work together to build different things.”
  • Ben - “I like to be in Destination Imagination because we get to build things and learn new things like sewing.”
  • Sawyer - “What I like about Destination Imagination is that we get to use teamwork!”
  • Michael - “I like Destination Imagination because I am able to hang out with my friends.”
Journey Elementary School Students build STEM project Natrona County School District
Journey Elementary School Students build STEM project
Natrona County School District

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