Today Jeffree Star announced that he will be in Casper for a meet and greet on Saturday, July 13th to celebrate his store's one-year-anniversary.

The star announced the party today on his Snapchat story.

"I will be doing a five hour meet and greet. We will be shutting down David Street Station and the iconic Alien Ant Farm is performing. It is going to be next level."

A year ago, at the grand opening for Makeup & Meet, people stood in lines for hours to meet with the celeb yak rancher. One goer said she was in line for twelve hours.

Some fans had camped out on the sidewalk in sleeping bag the night before.

It was a hot day and the lines moved slowly as Star engaged with his many fans, but staff passed out Star Yak Ranch themed popsicles and there was food available to order from a stand including yak tacos and brats.

This one year anniversary will be held at the store with the meet and greet starting at noon. The meet and greet for the band will be at five.

Alien Ant Farm is a rock band that formed in southern California in 1996. They have released six studio albums and sold over 5 million units worldwide.

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