It's a new year and you may be trying to eat better. Eggs may be on the menu for breakfast, but you may have to take a loan out to get a dozen.

The price of eggs has increased nearly 50% in the last year. According to CNBC, the main culprit is the death of millions of laying hen due to avian flu. In November the average price per dozen of large grade A eggs was $3.59, which doubled from October. You also have to look at the supply chain issues we've faced over the last couple years and inflation, when you think about the large price gain.

Looking at egg prices at area stores, it's definitely higher than $3.59.

Here's a rundown of prices for 1 dozen large grade A eggs in Casper

Since the latest breakout of avian flu, 57.8 million birds were affected and nearly 40 million have died, causing the egg shortage. The egg production was down almost 1 BILLION eggs from December of 2021.

Experts say we could deal with the higher egg prices deeper into the first quarter of 2023. Which will keep your grocery bill a little higher and if you're trying to eat healthy, you know it's already expensive to get what you need.

Over the last few years, egg prices have fluctuated almost as much as gas prices. From 2000 to 2015, egg prices went from $.91 in 2000 to $2.97 in 2015. Then fell again for a couple years until 2020, when the price of everything surged.

It's interesting to think about prices and the things you can buy cheaper than a dozen eggs.

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