Sheriff’s offices in Converse County and Natrona County have fielded additional reports of hair being stolen from the tails of area horses.

Another incident was reported earlier this week in Natrona County and roughly 10 occurrences have been reported throughout Converse County over the past two weeks.

Converse County sheriff Clint Becker says multiple incidents have gone unreported, however. He asks horse owners to call their respective sheriff’s office if they encounter suspicious activity.

“If your neighbor has horses or if you have horses, watch out for any suspicious vehicles or anything of that nature,” Becker said. “Just be aware that this is going on.”

Horse hair has multiple artistic and industrial uses. Many jewelers and craftspeople use horse hair to construct friendship bracelets and rings, and horse hair can also be used to make paint brush bristles and the string used in violin bows. Farmers and ranchers also use horse hair in multiple applications as well.

Becker says, because of present market demand, harvesting horse hair can equal big business.

“There’s a market for horse hair, they sell it by the pound for companies that make this type of stuff” Becker said. “It’s very durable, it’s nice-looking and it’s a nice product.”

Becker asks horse owners to write down and report the license plate and vehicle information of all suspicious vehicles near ranches, farms and other areas where horses can be kept.

Those who have more information can contact either the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office at (307) 235-9282 or the Converse County Sheriff’s Office at (307) 358-4700.