HD Outdoors Wyoming is a relatively new non-profit organization based out of Casper, Wyoming that is dedicated to giving back to the men and women that served our country, the Veterans.

The organization was founded by Lindsey Stillwell and Tom Whitmire who are both staples in the Casper community. The idea behind HD Outdoors Wyoming is to put together a perfect day in the outdoors for a Veteran.

Seems pretty simple, right? To offer this experience many people have to come together and help raise money.

There are many ways you can help them assure a great outdoor experience for a veteran.

Coming up on June 11th, HD Outdoors Wyoming is hosting a fundraising Sporting Clay Competition at Riverbend Roosters just outside of Casper.

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The Sporting Clay Competition is the organizations largest fundraising event of the year and you can be a part of it. Get together 3 of your friends, pool your money together, grab your gun & ammo and get ready for a fun day of shooting. Entry fee will be $500/team and 100% of the proceeds will go to giving Veterans a fantastic outdoor experience.

***Registration deadline is June 1st. 

If you've never shot sporting clays, it's really an activity that does a couple things for you.

  • Gives you enjoyment
  • Helps with honing in your shooting skills
  • Let's you blow off steam
  • Gives you an excuse to be outdoors
  • Is a great bonding moment for families, friends or employees

If you're thinking about being part of the day, but you're not sure how to be successful shooting sporting clays. We've found instructional videos that will get you excited. Don't blame me if you get hooked and end up spending a lot of time at Riverbend Roosters shooting this summer.

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