The Midwest School's air quality remains acceptable for students and staff after recent tests, according to a news release from the Casper-Natrona County Health Department on Tuesday.
“We are encouraged by the continued low level readings of all vapors that have been submitted to our department.” department director Dr. Kelly Weidenbach said.


The health department has been working with the Natrona County School District, Geosyntec, and FDL Operating, LLC.

Geosyntec completed air quality tests inside and outside the school in May, June, July and October.

In May, Vapor Mitigation Sciences, LLC, finished installing a vapor mitigation system in Midwest School.

Likewise, carbon dioxide alarms have been installed throughout the school to alert staff of any high readings and then move students away from problem areas.


The school district and Geosyntec will continue to monitor the school's air quality every three months through April. If the air quality remains good, they will discuss further monitoring.

The school had to be closed when testing on May 26 2016, revealed very high levels of carbon dioxide, areas of the school that were deficient in oxygen, and one classroom that had a level of benzene 200 times more than government guidelines.

Short-term effects of inhaling benzene include drowsiness, tremors, unconsciousness and death. Long-term exposure can cause anemia, cancer and leukemia, the report said.

During the past academic year, Midwest School students attended schools in Casper.


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