Today is national dog day, and so... k2radio news sat down with both the Casper Humane Society and Metro Animal Shelter to discuss the different facilities and adoption processes.

Both facilities work closely with each other to ensure that animals have a place to stay while they wait for their forever home.

According to Craig Cummings, the The Casper Humane Society Director, the Humane Society is a nonprofit organization that works independently. They are their own entity. They do not receive any city, state or federal funding. 100% of their funding comes from donations and "years and years of hard work and people putting their heart and soul into fundraising."

One of their biggest fundraisers still is a big garage sale they put on. Cummings said that it took twenty years of fundraising to purchase the building for the Humane Society.

Cummings said, "Times can be tough sometimes when you're relying simply on donations."

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One of the Animal Control Officers, Stephanie Tarbette, said The Metro Animal Shelter is a city owned and run shelter for Natrona County, the city of Casper and the town of Bar Nunn.

The key difference between the Animal Shelter and the Humane Society is that the latter take animals as they have the space and ability to care for them, but the Metro Animal Shelter is a city run shelter, they're open admission, which means they have to take all animals regardless of space, regardless of the temperament of the animal, and the medical condition said Tarbette.

The other difference is the Metro Animal Shelter also holds the stray animals that are picked up that are waiting for owners to find them.

She said the Humane Society will try to help out with holding animals, too, when they can, until their stray period is up.

Both facilities work hard to help animals find good homes where they will live Happily Ever After. While their facilities are different, and they abide by different rules and regulations, both shelters work to care for the animals and make them as comfortable as possible.

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