The Hall of Justice, along with the Police Station, is currently closed and personnel have been evacuated for an active ivestigation/threat.

The Casper Police said in a written statment on social media that there is no current threat to the public.

At about 10:50 a.m. the Casper Police Department and other emergency personnel responded to the report of a suspicious package that was sent to the Natrona County District Attorney's Office, located inside the Hall of Justice.

At this time, the office in question and the entire building have been cleared. Police said that there is no present threat in the building, but there is still an active investigation going on.

The Hall of Justice will be re-opening to the public. The Casper Police Department’s front window will be open for normal business at 2:00 pm

Kolby Fedore, TSM
Kolby Fedore, TSM

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